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CARAVANSERAI: A haven of poetry for peace AND DEMOCRACY in Afghanistan

Open Asia France

For twenty-three years the civil population of Afghanistan has suffered from a succession of wars.  The effects on the civil population have been devastating: two million civilians killed, one out of every four Afghans exiled or displaced, one death from mines every fifteen minutes, the complete destruction of the infrastructure, in particular schools, hospitals and the judicial system.

The arrival of the Taliban in 1994 was marked by the total exclusion of women from public life and the abolition of all manifestations of cultural, artistic and social life.  This proud people, heir to a rich literary tradition thousands of years old, has seen many of its men and women writers, poets, artists and musicians reduced to silence through death, censorship, displacement and exile for having been the first to express resistance.

 1000 poems for peace and democracy

CARAVANSERAI: a haven of poetry for peace and democracy in Afghanistan is an appeal for the creation and donation of works from all around the world to protest against the war and all forms of violence in Afghanistan.  This project aims to create a movement of solidarity and support and is an appeal for peace and for the construction of a democratic system in Afghanistan.

We invite poets and writers of different cultures and languages, as well as literary associations and movements, magazines and publishers to become involved and contribute to this project.

The works – poems or short prose works of one page - may be a personal reflection of the experience and literary considerations of the authors; they must, however, be dedicated to the people of Afghanistan.  They will serve to convey a message of hope to the people of Afghanistan, a voice of comfort and an affirmation of dignity for those who have for so long heard only the drums of war.

The works collected by CARAVANSERAI: A HAVEN OF POETRY FOR PEACE AND DEMOCRACY IN AFGHANISTAN will be published (on a website and in magazines) and will also be the subject of public lectures and conferences.  Selected works will be published in Dari (the Afghan variant of Farsi) to be offered to the men, women and children of Afghanistan, to show to them that there also exists a universal will for peace.

The funds collected through this project will be used to train teachers and to set up independent non-denominational schools for the girls and boys of Afghanistan, in order to support the development of education as a foundation for a culture of peace and democracy.











How to participate in CARAVANSERAI: a haven of poetry for peace and democracy in Afghanistan?

Please fill out the form below and send it to us, along with your original work.

I enclose my work of one page (poetry or prose) in my original language (and, if possible, translated into another language of my choice).


First name:

Date of birth:




Electronic mail:

Internet site:

Original language:

Language of translation:

Bibliography and publications (maximum five lines):

Names and contact details of other proposed participants:

By mail to:  Open Asia, Caravansérail, 11 rue Toullier, 75005 Paris, France

By e-mail to:

For all further information, or to receive this appeal in Italian, Spanish, Russian, Dari (Farsi) or French, please contact Nicole Barrière

by telephone: (33) 1 45 75 70 24 or (33) 6 77 33 35 06

by fax: (33) 1 43 64 90 17

by electronic mail:

I transfer all my droits d'auteur (copyright and moral rights) in respect of the enclosed work to the project Caravanserai: a haven of poetry for peace and democracy in Afghanistan.  Open Asia will keep me informed of further events concerning this project.  If I wish to use or publish these works, I will ensure that the name of the project Caravanserai: a haven of poetry for peace and democracy in Afghanistan and the contact details of Open Asia appear in the publication.  

I have read the above text and am fully aware of its contents.

Date and signature


A humanitarian and development 

apolitical, independent and non-profit organisation

Address:  11 Rue Toullier, 75005 Paris, France

Tel :  (33) 6 62 15 32 97/Fax : (33) 1 47 97 32 97

E-mail :

Website :

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