Sixth Edition December 2002 - Azar 1381 
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Women’s Best Friend


School Counselors: Clichéd and Useless?




Recent books by or about women in Iran

Women in Iranian History

Hadafha va Mobareze-ye Zan-e Irani: Az Enghelab-e Mashrooteh ta Saltanat-e Pahlavi (The Aims and Struggles of the Iranian Woman: from the Constitutional Revolution to the Pahlavi Monarchy)

By Mohammad Hossein Khosropanah

Published by Nashr-e Payam-e Emrooz in Tehran, 1381, 334 pp.

2500 tomans


Zaeefeh: Barresee-ye Jaigah-e Zan-e Irani dar Asr-e Safavi (Zaeefeh: An Examination of the Place of Iranian Women during the Safavid Dynasty)

By Banafsheh Hejazee

Published by Nashr-e Qasidehsara in Tehran, 1381, 368 pp.

2400 tomans

Contemporary Women’s Political and Sociological Issues

Jam’eeat va Tanzeem-e Khanevadeh (Population and Family Planning)

By Mahnaz Nakha’ee

Published by Alizh Publications in Tehran, 1381, 112 pp.

Price Not Listed


Khoshoonat-e Khanevadegee, Zanan-e Kotak Khorde (Domestic Violence, Battered Women)

By Shahla Ezazi

Published by Saali Publications in Tehran, 1380, 221 pp.

1600 tomans


Mas’ale-ye Zan, Islam va Feminizm (The Woman Question: Islam and Feminism)

By Mohammad Mansour Nejad

Published by Nashr-e Barg-e Zaytoon in Tehran, 1381, 352 pp.

220 tomans

Negahee be Reshteha-ye Motala’at-e Zanan dar Daneshgaha va Marakez Amoozeshee Barkhi Keshvarha-ye Jahan (A Look at Women Studies Departments in Universities and Educational Centers in Several Countries of the World)

Published by Taheeye va Tanzeem Markaz-e Omoor Mosharekat-e Zanan (Compilation Department of the Center for Women’s Participation), Barg-e Zaytoon Publications in Tehran, 1381, 256 pp.

Price Not Listed

Zanan-e Sar Parast-e Khanevar dar Iran (Single-Mother Household Heads in Iran)

Published by Markaz-e Amar-e Iran (Statistical Center of Iran) in Tehran, 1381, 82 pp.

600 tomans  

Women’s Poetry

Zanan-e Hamisheh, Gozeede-ye Ash’ar Classic, Nimayee va Azad Sha’eraneh Zan-e Iran (Timeless Women: Selected Classical, Nimayee, and Free Style Poetry of Iranian Women Poets)

By Pouran Farrokhzad

Published by Negah Publications in Tehran, 1381, page number not listed.

Price Not Listed


Banu-ye Beenaloud: Bar Gozeede-ye Ash’ar-e Banuvan-e Neyshabour (The Women of Beenaloud: Selected Poems from the Women of Neyshabour)

Edited by Zabeeh ol-Allah Sahebkar and Mohammad Javad Qafoorzadeh

Published by Jalil Publications in Mashhad, 1380, 176 pp.

600 tomans


Islamic Jurisprudence


Hoqooq-e Khanevadeh: Qerabat va Nasab va Asar-e An (Family Law: Relations, Ancestry and their Effects)

By Hossein Saghaee


Published by Tehran University, 1381, 256 pp.

Price Not Listed


Intimate Lives of Women


Zendegeeyeh Jenseeyeh Zanan (The Sexual Lives of Women)

By Mohammad Reza Nikkhoo and Hamayak Avadisians

Published by Sokhan Publications, 1380, 210 pp.

1200 tomans


Zan- Madar (Woman- Mother)

By Roya Monajem

Published by Mes Publications, 1381, 312 pp.

1600 tomans

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