Sixth Edition December 2002 - Azar 1381 
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School Counselors: Clichéd and Useless?





Reader Letters


I am the publisher of Gowanus, an international online magazine for writers in and from the developing world. I have had a very hard time reaching writers in Islamic cultures and thought perhaps you might be of help.

Would you be willing to take a quick look at the publication ( and perhaps suggest further contacts for me to use to reach writers in Iran and elsewhere, if appropriate?

Thanks you very much, and congratulations on your own contribution to

Sanity in the world.



I came across your website address while reading about the Iranian people starting to really get on the internet. Being the noisy person I am I had to go to your site and look.

I am a 61 year-old American man, and have been a staunch supporter of women’s rights for many, many years. Long before it became popular. I am so happy to see that the women of Iran have such a site to speak for them and their basic human rights, and not just the women of Iran but for all women in all areas of the Middle East. Once again "GOOD FOR YOU", and all of the best in all of your endeavors.




Dear Editor,

Thank you very much for providing this newsletter and for providing some access to the world of Iranian women to those of us who speak only English.  Could you tell us what the following sentence means?   Ma mokhles-e shoma hasteem.  




After reading the Times article about your site, I decided to e-mail you to encourage you to continue your project, as if you need any more encouragement.

Years ago I prepared myself to teach Persian Language and Literature in an American university, lived in Iran many years, studied at The University of Tehran in the early '70's, and later obtained an advanced degree in our interest from The University of Pennsylvania.  The Revolution dissuaded me from academia because I knew in 1977 that Iran would change, and that the American Government would cut off funding for Persian Language programs.  Both of these events have come to pass, but I still read Persian daily and maintain contact with local Iranian friends who keep my spoken Persian warmed up.  Because of their cutting off of funding, it is no wonder that the Feds cannot find people like me to help them out (they don't trust me because I lived in Iran!). Not too long ago it was considered anti-Semitic to teach Persian and Arabic at certain American universities; Americans never cease to amaze me in the felicity to take up questionable causes.

Because I am retired, should you need the assistance of someone like myself, I am ready.




Dear Bad Jens:

I have just been browsing through your website and there are a few points that I wanted to mention.

First, congratulations.  I think that you did a very good job.  Iran needs such forums to give voice to so many women who are being trampled on everyday.  I am in no way a champion of women's rights (I tease too much) but I do care about PEOPLE.  So it is nice to see someone taking action.

The rest of this is just my opinion, but you may see a techno-marketing slant on all of this because that's my job.

Feminism means different things to different people.  A website called a "feminist newsletter" is being heavily typecasted.  This may put off some of the audience you are trying to reach.  My impression of your site is not consistent with my impression of a feminist newsletter, so maybe you are not doing your website justice.  Just because you speak of women's rights doesn't make you a feminist.  Women's rights are Human Rights, not a feminism issue.

Another point is that your website is visually BORING.  It’s a jumble of words that would only be interesting to the interested.  If you want to draw in new interest you have to make it more visually stimulating, break the text down, add more levels to your site.  Remember, you don't have a lot of time, before you know it your audience has moved on to another site.

Finally, I read your response page and laughed my ass of.  Desperate men are easy prey for such cutting remarks.  But I bet that it won't stop them from trying.



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