Sixth Edition December 2002 - Azar 1381 
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> Performance Artist rbshapour
> Urban Sociologist Masserat Amir-Ebrahimi


> The Practice of Control
> The Towering Wall Confronting Youth
> Woman On High
> Behind the Curtains Once Again

Women's Best Friend


School Counselors: Clich├ęd and Useless?




Ngo list

Preliminary list of women's associations in Iran (to be completed)
All numbers have the prefix ++98 21, unless otherwise indicated.

shabake ertebati sazmanhaye gheire dolati 2409932 - 5
Network for NGOs

jam'eiat zanan mobarezeh ba alodegi mohit-zist 2045266
Women's Society against Environmental Pollution

movaseseyeh tahghighati va amuzesh rashdie 8777030
Foundation for Development Research

jam'eiat zanan jomhuri eslami iran 7537892 - 7533856
Women's Society of the Islamic Republic of Iran

kanun khaharan khane kargar 6409736
Sisters' Society of Workers

komite banovan faregholtahsil daneshgah san'ati sharif 917465 - 917406
Women's Commitee of Graduates of the Sharif School of Industry

anjaman zan va tos'e paydar 655901
Association for Women and Development

mojtame najm 7537022
Najm Assembly

ta'avon e'tebar sara (051) 843577
Sara Honorable Cooperative

jam'eiat motalef zanan 7520579
United Women's Society

anjaman zan armani 670521 - 2 Association of Armenian Women

kanun banovan va doshizgan kalimi 8759896
Jewish Society for Women and Girls

anjaman zanan zartoshti 6706419
Association of Zoroastrian Women

anjaman kheirie etefagh kalimian 889516
Jewish Charity Association

anjaman zan va rasanehaie tasviri 2004287
Association for Women and Visual Media

bashgahaie dokhtaran rostaii (02662) 24705
Rural Women's Club

ta'avon fan avari va taghighati parsku zanan 2220453
Cooperation for the Advancement of Women's Technique and Research

markaz bazaryabi dakheli va beinolmelali baraye tolidat zanan 2400107
Women's Center for National and International Marketing and Production

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